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Feature Sponsor Casualty Adjuster's Guide Louisiana & Mississippi Emeritus Senior Living Facility | San Marcus, Texas Firefighters described it as a "wall of fire." Sometime around midnight, a transformer outside the Emeritus Senior Living Facility in San Marcos erupted into flames, traveling to the roof then down through three floors, destroying an entire wing and displacing 36 residents. When a disaster displaces residents from their homes or workers from their jobs, JF&A works hard to get people back in place. That was a tall order at Emeritus. A transformer fire destroys the entire electrical system, requiring a new trunkline and all of the wiring. Sidewalks and driveways had to be ripped up to accommodate the underground link. JF&A also rebuilt the wing, replacing part of the frame, interior dry wall, carpet and paint. Where there's fire, there's smoke. JF&A has a host of proprietary smoke removal processes. Depending on the source of the fire and the material burned (different fires create different odors), JF&A works until the interior air is clean and normal. "You have to take baby steps," Jim Filipowicz says, "People are sensitive to all kinds of chemical smells. You can't just cover up the smoke odor by saturating the place with a particular substance. You have to take it carefully, and test well to make sure the solution is perfect for the residents of the facility you're recovering." SPONSOR:JIM FILIPOWICZ & ASSOCIATES Throne of Grace Fellowship | Lake Charles, LA Churning through the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Rita was the fourth-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. Landing just a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina. Throne of Grace Fellowship, a small, nondenominational Christian community, was hit hard by Hurricane Rita. Wind ripped the roof from its worship and educational facilities, rain soaked the buildings. With Louisiana recovering from Rita, JF&A encountered challenges finding generators, materials and manpower. Our extensive network across the South came into full play as we got the resources we needed to rescue the Fellowship. Taking Throne of Grace under our wing, JF&A immediately put a new roof up and performed temporary repairs to make the buildings weather tight. Then the extensive work of mold remediation, asbestos abatement, demolition and reconstruction began. Once we had secured a workable shell, Throne of Grace reassessed their use of the building. When we finished, they had a educational and social center that serves the entire community.

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